About this course...

This course aims to introduce fundamental daylighting concepts and tools to analyze the daylighting design. Each session will be composed of a lecture and a workshop. The lecture will cover fundamental knowledge and case studies that are focused on effective daylighting design. The workshop will cover essential daylight analysis tools currently used in the industry, and students will have opportunities to explore them to work on assignments and the final project.

Course Objectives

The central objective of the course is to provide students with both the fundamental knowledge and tools to analyze the effectiveness of daylight design. Students will develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Site and climate analysis for available daylight and surrounding obstructions
  • Understanding fundamental principles of daylighting design
  • Establishing goals and metrics of good daylighting design
  • Interpreting analysis results to make design recommendations
  • Integrating daylighting and electric lighting design

>Required Software and Tools

3D Modeling: Rhino 7

Environmental Analysis: Ladybug Tools, Climate Consultant

Physical Testing: To understand light levels, each student is required to purchase a light meter ($14 on Amazon) and keep a weekly daylight journal on interesting daylight encounters via photos and light level measurements.

Course Offered: Arch 732